Top View

MDC1 U11

Rj45 Top View

PCB 02225-SB

DCIN1 AC adapter connector

CSW1 LCD cover switch connector

CRT1 VGA port

RJ1 RJ11 and RJ45 connectors

LCD1 LCD coaxial cable connector

INV1 LED/Inverter board connector

MDC1 Fax/Modem board connector

KB1 Keyboard cable connector

U11 855-GM chip (North bridge)

DOCK1 Acer EasyPort connector


USB1 USB port 1

USB2 USB port 2

1394 1394 port

LIN1 Line-in port

HP1 Line-out port

DM1 Memory slot 1

SW1 Please refer to below for SW1 settings

RTC1 RTC battery connector

U25 Debug purpose only

IR1 FIR connector

MIC1 Internal microphone and tablet PC lid connector

CBUS2 PCMCIA card connector

SPK1 Speaker cable connector

BAT1 Battery connector

TPAD1 Touchpad connector

HDD1 Hard disk drive connector

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