Table of Contents

Removing the Speaker 61

Removing the Touch Pad Module 62

Removing the Touch Pad FPC 62

Removing the LCD Support Knobs 63

Removing the Main Board 64

Removing the Thermal Plate 64

Removing the PCMCIA Socket 65

Removing the Modem Cable 65

Disassembling the LCD Module 66

Removing the LCD Bezel 66

Removing the LCD Hinges with the Center Hinge 67

Removing the Button Board & Inverter Board 67

Removing the Main and Auxiliary Antenna 68

Removing the LCD 68

Removing the Coaxial Cable 68

Removing the Sensor Board 69

Bluetooth Antenna Disassembling SOP 69

Chapter 4 Troubleshooting 71

System Check Procedures 72

External Diskette Drive Check 72

External CD-ROM Drive Check 72

Keyboard or Auxiliary Input Device Check 73

Memory Check 73

Power System Check 73

Touchpad Check 75

Power-On Self-Test (POST) Error Message 76

Index of Error Messages 77

Index of Symptom-to-FRU Error Message 80

Intermittent Problems 83

Undetermined Problems 84

Index of AFlash BIOS Error Message 85

Index of PQA Diagnostic Error Code, Message 86

Chapter 5 Jumper and Connector Locations 87

Top View 87

SW1 Settings 88

Bottom View 89

Chapter 6 FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) List 91

Exploded Diagram 92

Appendix A Model Definition and Configuration 101

Appendix B Test Compatible Components 103

Microsoft Windows XP Environment Test 104

Appendix C Online Support Information 107

Index 109

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