Removing the LCD Module

  1. See "Removing the Battery Pack" on page 53.
  2. See "Removing the Middle Covers" on page 56.
  3. See "Removing the Keyboard" on page 56.
  4. Remove the two screws as shown here, and then disconnect the LCD coaxial cable from the main board. Disconnect the inverter cable from the main board

5. Pull up the two RF cables with the tweezers gently. Remove the two screws and the other two on the center hinge.

6. Press the two LCD support knobs inward and then remove the LCD module from the main unit.

Lcd Module Acer

NOTE: We would like to hightlight the correct way to rotate the LCD module here. Please note that the LCD module can only be rotated at 180 degrees. Rotating the LCD module in the wrong direction may cause the damage to the cables.

1. Pressing the two LCD support knobs inward, rotate the LCD module clockwise at 180 degrees.

2. To rotate the LCD module back to its original position, rotate the LCD module counterclockwise at 180 degrees. Press the two LCD support knobs to secure the LCD module well.

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