Microsoft Windows XP Environment Test




Banias 900MHz Banias 800MHz


10.4" Toshiba

Har Disk Drive

Hitachi 60GB Fujitsu 40GB


Infineon 512MB DDR Nanya 256MB DDR






ADT 3P 50W PA 1600-06AC






Ambit Modem

Ambit 802.11a/b

Ambit 802.11a/b

Intel 802.11b

Intel 802.11b

BT/MDC Module

Ambit BT/Modem MDC

PC Card List

LAN Card

3Com EtherLink III 3C589D

IBM EtherJet CardBus Adapter 10/100

Intel EtherExpress Pro/100 Mobile Adapter MBLA3200

Xircom CardBus Ethernet 10/100 32Bit CBE-10/100BTX

D-Link DE-660

Modem Card

3Com Megahertz 56K Modem PC Card

Xircom CreditCard Modem 56

IBM 56K Double Jack Modem 02K4197

Combo Card

IBM 10/100 EtherJet CardBus Real Port w/ 56K modem 34L1301 3Com Megahertz 10/100 LAN + 56K Modem PC Card KB-04-002 Xircom RealPort CardBus Ethernet 10/100 + Modem 56 RBEM5G-100

ATA Card

IBM Microdrive 340MB IBM Microdrive 1G Iomega Click! 40MB

USB 2.0 Card

Apricorn EZ-USB2.0 Cardbus PC Card IOGEAR USB2.0 PC Card

1394 Card

Buffalo 1394 Interface Cardbus IFC-ILCB/DV I-O Data 1394 Interface Cardbus CB1394/DVC Pixela 1394 Cardbus PC Card PIX-PCMC/FW1

Wireless Lan Card

IBM Wireless Lan Card Bus Adapter Intel Pro/Wireless Lan PC Card 2011B Proxim Skyline 802.11a Cardbus Card

Bluetooth Card

IBM Community Bluetooth PC Card Toshiba Bluetooth PC Card PABTC001


US Robotics Megahertz 128K ISDN Card 405R17T7117M IBM OBI International ISDN PC Card IBM ISDN Card D5K3320



Token Ring Card

IBM Token Ring 16/4 Adapter II IBM Turbo 16/4 Token Ring 85H3677 Olicom Token Ring GoCard OC-3221

I/O Peripherals

ViewSonic PF790 19"

Acer FP751 17" TFT LCD

IBM Color TFT LCD 14" 9514-B03

Compaq Color Monitor V70

NET Color Monitor 20"

Mozo 17" TFT LCD (DVI)

I/O - Projector

NEC MultiSync MT-1040

I/O - Legacy (Parallel) Printer / Scanner

Canon BJC-600J

Epson Stylus Color 740 Parallel Interface HP Deskjet 890C

HP DeskJet 880C Parallel Interface HP LaserJet 6MP HP LaserJet 2200

Acer AcerScan Prisa 620P 6696-0PC

I/O - USB Keyboard / Mouse

Chicony USB Keyboard KU-8933

IBM USB Numeric Keypad

Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro

Acer Aspire USB Mouse M-UB48

Logicool USB Mouse IOWCM-USB

Logitech Coreless MouseMan Wheel USB Interface

Logitech USB Wheel Mouse M-BB48

Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical USB Interface

Acer USB mini mouse

I/O - USB Printer / Scanner

Epson Stylus Color 740 USB interface HP DeskJet 880C USB interface Canon CanonSCan D1250 (usb 2.0)(JP OS only) HP ScanJet 3300C Color Scanner MY97712194

I/O - USB Speaker / Joystick

JS USB Digital

Panasonic USB Speaker EAB-MPC57USB Aiwa Multimedia Digital Speaker SC-UC78 Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro Joystick 326-00069 Logitech WingMan Warrior Joystick Logitech WingMan RumblePad G-UA3

I/O - USB Camera

Intel Easy PC Camera A20953-001 Logitech QuickCam Express Internet Logitech QuickCam Home PC Video Camera VCAM-U1 Nikon Superhigh-Performance 3X Zoom COOLPIX990



I/O - USB Storage Drive

Logitec CDRW + DVDROM combo USB interface

Iomega USB Zip 250MB

Argosy Ultra slim CDRW (usb 2.0)

Plextor Burn-Proof CDRW (usb 2.0) PX-S88TU

Fujitsu MO-1300 1.3G (usb 2.0)

Fujitsu 20G HDD (usb 2.0) t4988618913874

Sony DVDROM (usb 2.0)

IO-Data DVDROM (usb 2.0)

IBM 32MB USB Memory Key

Trek 32MB USB Memory Key

Y-E Data USB Floppy

Apacer USB Handy drive 256MB

Apacer USB Handy drive 512MB

I/O - USB Hub

Belkin 4 Port USB Hub F5u001 Eizo I Station USB Hub DH-1401 Elecom USB Hub 4 Port UH-4S Sanwa USB Hub 4 Port Elecom 4 Port Hub (usb 2.0) UH-204

I/O - USB Bluetooth Module

Dongle USB Bluetooth Module

I/O - USB Card Reader

Sandisk Imagemate USB2.0 6 in 1 Card Reader

I/O - 1394 Storage Drive

Logitec Fireware CDRW + DVDROM Combo

Yamaha Fireware 8824 CDRW CRW8824IX-VK

Buffalo Fireware HD I.Link 20GB DIL-20G

I-O Data Fireware HD I.Link 30GB HAD-130G

Lacie Fireware HD 20G 7200RPM EXT-K525 DPTA-372050

VST Fireware HD FW1260

I/O - 1394 Scanner

UMAX Fireware PowerLook 110

I/O - 1394 Camera


I/O - Access Point 802.11b

Hitachi DC-CN3300 Lucent RG-1000 Lucent WavePoint-II Cisco Aironet 350 Orinoco AP-500

I/O - Access Point 802.11a/b

Intel Dual Pro/Wireless 5000

I/O - Access Point 802.11a

Intel Pro/wireless 5000

I/o - Bluetooth Printer

HP 995c Bluetooth Printer

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