Bluetooth Antenna Disassembling SOP

  1. See "Removing the Battery Pack" on page 53.
  2. See "Removing the Middle Covers" on page 56.
  3. See "Removing the Keyboard" on page 56.
  4. See "Removing the DIMM Upper Plate" on page 57.
  5. Remove the two screws holding the modem board. Then turn over the modem board. Tear off the tape that fastens the bluetooth antenna then disconnect the bluetooth antenna and the modem cable. Finally remove the modem board.
  1. See "Separating the Upper Case from the Lower Case" on page 60.
  2. Detach the mylar fasteing the bluetooth antenna, RTC battery cable and speaker cable. Pull out the bluetooth antenna as picture shows. Then detach the bluetooth antenna carefully.

NOTE: The bluetooth antenna stick to the upper case tightly. The bluetooth antenna might be damaged once you detach it from the upper case. If the bluetooth antenna functions well, we do not suggest you to disassemble the bluetooth antenna.

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