Removing the Middle Cover and the Power Board

  1. See "Removing the Battery Pack" on page 62.
  2. Open the LCD screen all the way to facilitate the easy removal of the middle cover.
  3. To remove the Middle Cover, carefully insert the plastic flat screwdriver under the side of the middle cover and gently pry up the middle cover. Continue prying on the other side until you could detach the Middle Cover.
Aspire Middle Cover
6. Remove the one screw (C) securing the Power board to the middle cover, and remove the Power board from the middle cover.
Aspire 5710z Power Board


Size (Quantity)




M2 x L4 (1)


1.6 kgf-cm

Removing the Keyboard

  1. See "Removing the Battery Pack" on page 62..
  2. See "Removing the Middle Cover and the Power Board" on page 78.
  3. Release the top latches securing the keyboard in place.
Travelmate 7730 Remove Screen
4. Carefully pry the keyboard out of the side latches and slide it out; then turn it over on the touchpad area.
5. Disconnect the keyboard cable from the main board to remove the keyboard.
Acer Travelmate 7720 Keyboard Removal

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