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1. Align the Fan Module on the screw brackets. 2. Secure the 3 screws according to the following numbered order.

Acer Travelmate 7730 Fan
3. Connect the Fan cable to the Mainboard.
Acer 5940g Fter

1. Ensure that the Mainboard is face up (the Heatsink and CPU are not visible). Place the Mainboard in the chassis, rear edge first, and press down to install. Replace the two securing screws as shown. NOTE: Make sure the I/O ports are positioned correctly through the lower cover, and the screw sockets are visible through the mainboard.

Acer Travelmate Processor 6292 Replace

2. Replace the two securing screws on the mainboard.

Instalar Acer 5630 Bluetooth Module
3. Connect the ExpressCard and Bluetooth cables attached to the mainboard.
Acer Travelmate 5330
1. Start by inserting the notch into the retaining pin. 2. Press the module down to secure in place.
Acer Travelmate 6593 Procesador
3. Connect the Bluetooth cable to the Bluetooth module.
Bluetooth Modu Acer 7720z

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