Using the System Utilities

Acer Bio-Protection (for selected models)

Acer Bio-Protection Fingerprint Solution is a multi-purpose fingerprint software package integrated with the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. Utilizing the uniqueness of one's fingerprint features, Acer BioProtection Fingerprint Solution has incorporated protection against unauthorized access to your computer with Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA), centralized password management with Password Bank, and fast application/ website launching and login with Acer FingerLaunch.

Acer Bio-Protection Fingerprint Solution also allows you to navigate through web browsers and documents using Acer FingerNav. With Acer Bio-Protection Fingerprint Solution, you can now enjoy an extra layer of protection for your personal computer, as well as the convenience of accessing your daily tasks with a simple swipe of your finger!

For more information refer to the Acer Bio-Protection help files.

Drag items to the FingerLaunch settings below, or right-click to modify the item.

Drag items to the FingerLaunch settings below, or right-click to modify the item.

Log Off Shut Down Hibernate Reminder SysSet

Log Off Shut Down Hibernate Reminder SysSet

NTI Shadow

NTI Shadow allows users to schedule continuous backup jobs that copy the contents of one or more folders (the "backup source") to another location (the "backup destination"). The backup jobs are continuous because they are scheduled to regularly update the data in the backup folder either continuously or in user-defined intervals. You can schedule a job to run every certain number of minutes, on certain days at a specified time, or whenever any data in the backup source are modified.

Shadow can also be configured to archive file versions. If this option is enabled, then any file that is saved or overwritten will trigger Shadow to archive the previous version of the file. The file versions are stored in a Revisions folder in the backup destination. Users can configure how many versions of a file to maintain.

Shadow supports backups on local hard drives, USB/FireWire external hard drives, USB pen drives, NAS devices, and any drive with drive letter access.

Launching the utility is as easy as pressing one buttons. For more information refer to the NTI Shadow help files.

Acer GridVista (dual-display compatible)

NOTE: This feature is only available on certain models.

To enable the dual monitor feature of the notebook, first ensure that the second monitor is connected, then select Start, Control PanNM-Ii splay and click on Settings. Select the secondary monitor (2) icon in the display box and then click the check box Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor. Finally, click Apply to confirm the new settings and click OK to complete the process.

•C Display Settings l-n-l

Drag the icons to match your monitors,

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