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Laptop Repair Made Easy

Laptop Repair Made Easy

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Chapter 1 System Specifications 1

Features 1

System Block Diagram 3

Board Layout 4

Top View 4

Bottom View 5

Outlook View 6

Front Open View 6

Front Panel 7

Left Panel 8

Right Panel 9

Rear Panel 10

Bottom Panel 11

Indicators 12

Lock Keys 13

Embedded Numeric Keypad 14

Windows Keys 15

Hot Keys 16

The Euro Symbol 18

Launch Keys 19

E-mail Detection 19

Touchpad 21

Touchpad Basics 21

Hardware Specifications and Configurations 23

Chapter 2 System Utilities 33

BIOS Setup Utility 33

Navigating the BIOS Utility 34

Info 35

Main 36

System Devices 38

Security 39

Boot 43

Exit 44

BIOS Flash Utility 45

Chapter 3 Machine Disassembly and Replacement 47

General Information 48

Before You Begin 48

Disassembly Procedure Flowchart 49

Removing the Battery Pack 52

Removing the Optical Module/HDD Module/Wireless Lan Card and LCD module . .53

Removing the Optical Module 53

Removing the HDD Module 53

Removing the Wireless LAN Card 53

Removing the LCD Module 54

Disassembling the Main Unit 55

Remove the function key board and the keyboard 55

Separate the main unit into the logic upper and the logic lower assembly 55

Disassembling the logic upper assembly 56

Disassembling the logic lower assembly 57

Disassembling the LCD Module 59

Disassembling the External Modules 61

Disassembling the HDD Module 61

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