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Removing the Battery Pack

1. Turn the computer over. Release the battery lock as shown.

Travelmate 6592

2. Push the release latch, the battery pops up.

i xa

3. Remove the battery.

Removing the Cover Securing Screws and Covers 1. Locate and loosen the seventeen (17) screws as shown.

NOTE: It is not necessary to remove the screws from the cover.

2. Locate and remove the memory and HDD cover screws as shown.

3. Remove the memory cover as shown.
Acer Travelmate 290 Disassembly
4. Remove the HDD cover as shown.
Acer Travelmate Battery Access

Removing the HDD

1. Locate the plastic tab on the HDD.

2. Place one hand on the computer for stability and grasp the HDD removal tag.

Cmoss Chassis
3. Pull away from the connector and upward as shown to remove the HDD from the chassis.

Removing the Memory Module

1. Push the two release levers on the memory module outward as shown. NOTE: The memory module lifts upward during release.

2. Pull the memory module away from the socket.

Acer Travelmate 280 Wireless Card

Removing the Wireless Card

NOTE: Fine tweezers are required for this procedure.

1. Locate the three antenna wires (white tape, red tape and no tape) on the left-hand side of the memory bay.

2. Using fine tweezers, grip the white taped wire and pull upward until it is released from the board.

  1. Repeat for the red taped and no tape wires.
  2. Remove cables to access Wireless Card.
  3. Locate and remove the three screws as shown.

NOTE: The Wireless Card lifts up automatically once the screws are removed.

Travelmate 6952 Wireless Switch

6. Grip card and pull away from socket as shown.

Removing the ODD

1. Push and hold the ODD latch as shown.

Removing Dummy Trays

1. Locate Dummy Tray 1 and press the cover inwards as shown.

2. Remove Dummy Tray 1
  1. Locate Dummy Tray 2 and press the release button as shown.
  2. Remove Dummy Tray 2.
  3. Remove Dummy Tray 2.

Removing the Switch Cover

CAUTION: Using tools to remove the Switch Cover may cause damage to the outer casing. It is recommended that only fingers are used to remove the Switch Cover.

1. Turn the computer over. Locate and remove the two securing screws as shown.

  1. Open the LCM module fully to expose the Switch Cover.
  2. Grip the Switch Cover as shown and pull upward to remove.
4. Using two hands, remove the Switch Cover from the chassis.

Removing the Keyboard

1. Locate and remove the two screws as shown.

Acer 6952g

2. Using both hands, lift the top edge of the keyboard as shown.

3. Turn the keyboard over, as shown, to expose the cables.

Disassemble 5738g Keyboard
5. Using fine tweezers, release the second cable lock as shown and remove the cable from the socket.
6. Remove keyboard from chassis.

Disconnecting the TouchPad

1. Disconnect the first cable by releasing the locking latch and removing the cable as shown.

Acer Travelmate 5520 Reset BiosAcer Travelmate 6593 Switch Pictures

Removing the Switch Board

1. Locate and remove the two screws as shown.

Acer 7740g Open Fan

2. Locate and remove the two securing screws as shown.

3. Lift the Modem Module clear of the chassis.

Removing the Antenna Cables

1. Remove the Antenna Cables from the securing pins as shown.

2. Pull the three Antenna Cables from the underside of the computer through the mainboard as shown.

Removing the LCM Module

CAUTION: Ensure all cables are removed from securing pins before proceeding to avoid damage. 1. Disconnect the LCM Module cable as shown.

2. Locate and remove the four screws as shown.

Removing the TouchPad

1. Lift the rear edge of the TouchPad Module first, as shown, then pull the module away from the mounting to clear the ports at the front of the computer.

Removing the Mainboard

1. Locate the three connectors (yellow markers) as shown.

2. Disconnect the connectors using tweezers as shown.
3. Locate and remove the two screws as shown to release the Mainboard.

4. Grip the mainboard from the front and lift up.

NOTE: If any resistance is met while removing the mainboard, ease the computer case outward to clear the obstruction.

Acer 7740g MainboardAcer Aspire 5740g Mainboard

Removing the I/O Board

1. Locate and remove the two screws as shown.

2. Lift the board toward the front of the computer to clear the port and remove from the chassis.

Removing the Heatsink and Fan Module

1. Turn the mainboard over. Locate and remove the five screws (red markers) and fan connector (yellow marker) from the mainboard.

Acer Travelmate 6592 Motherboard

2. Remove the Heatsink securing bracket as shown.

3. Remove the Heatsink as shown.
Acer Travelmate 6592 Motherboard
4. Steady the Mainboard with one hand and remove the Fan Module by lifting straight up.

Removing the CPU

1. Using a screw driver, unscrew the CPU counter clockwise.

2. Remove the CPU from the bracket as shown.

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