Replacing the USB Board

Advance Technical Repair of Laptops Motherboard

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1. Place the USB Board in the chassis as shown. 2. Replace the two securing screws.

1. Place the mainboard into the chassis, front edge first, ensuring that the I/O ports pass through the casing.

2. Pull out the left side of the casing to accommodate 3. Reconnect the mainboard and USB Board by the left I/O ports as shown. pinching them together in the area shown.

4. Replace the single securing screw.

NOTE: Make sure the I/O ports are positioned correctly through the lower cover, and the screw sockets are visible through the mainboard.

1. Place the Modem module on the mainboard, 2. Replace the two securing screws.

ensuring the connection on the base of the module is well seated.

Laptop Mainboard Modemkarte

3. Reconnect the modem cable to the module. 4. Press down on the adhesive pad to reattach the cable to the mainboard.

5. Reconnect the RJ-11 cable. 6. Route the remaining cable around the edge of the

Modem module, as shown, and reconnect it to the mainboard.

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    How to repair usb board of acer aspire 4715z?
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