Boot Priority Acer Aspire

This menu allows the users to decide the order of bootable devices to load the operating system. It identifies all the bootable devices in the system and attempts to boot them in the order specified. Bootable devices include the diskette drive in module bay, the hard disk and the CD-ROM/DVD drive in module bay and onboard LAN device.

Aspire 5220 Boot Priority Order



Boot priority order

Keys used to view or configure devices: Up and Down arrows select a device. <+> and <-> move the device up or down. <f> and <r> specifies the device fixed or removable. <x> exclude or include the device to boot. <Shift +1> enables or disables a device. <1-4> Loads default boot sequence.


Acer Aspire 5732 Boot



Exit Saving Changes

Exit System Setup and save your changes to CMOS

Exit Discarding Changes

Exit utility without saving Setup data to CMOS

Load Setup Default

Load default values for all SETUP items

Discard Changes

Load previous values from CMOS for all SETUP items

Save Changes

Save Setup Data to CMOS

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