System Diagnostic Diskette

IMPORTANT: 1The diagnostics program here that we used is called PQA (Product Quality Assurance) and is provided by Headquarters. You can utilize it as a basic diagnostic tool. To get this program, you can find it in the service CD kit.

To better fit local service requirements, your regional office MAY have other diagnostic program. Please contact your regional offices or the responsible personnel/channel to provide you with further technical details.

NOTE: This program contains a readme.txt file. This readme.txt file will introduce each test and its functions.

This diagnostic program is designed to perform the following diagnostic tools for notebook machine. It provides the following functions.


PQA Test


Audio Test


USB Test


Smart Card Test


IR Test



To use this diskette, first boot from this diskette, then a "System Diagnostic Disk Menu" prompts you to choose the testing item. Follow the instructions on screen to proceed.

IMPORTANT: If this diskette is not bootable, do the following actions before you use it:

  1. Do system transfers.
  2. Copy the following files to A:\ HIMEM.SYS RAMDRIVE.SYS CHOICE.COM MSCDEX.EXE
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