Acer Travelmate 5320 Lcd Panel Compatibility

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Acer GridVista is a handy utility that offers four pre-defined display settings so you can view multiple windows on the same screen. To access this function, please go to Start>All Programs and click on Acer GridVista. You may choose any one oyim3|g|l|jS2g!jm|settings ¡ndiAgBjaSJBJH





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Double (verticle), Triple (primary at left), Triple (primary at right), or Quad Acer Gridvista is dual-display compatible, allowing two displays to be partitioned indepently.

Acer Gridvista is dual-display compatible, allowing two displays to be partitioned independently. AcerGridVista is imple to set up:

  1. Run Acer GridVista and select your preferred screen configuration for each display from the task bar.
  2. Drag and drop each window into the appropriate grid.
  3. Enjoy the convenience of a well-organized desktop.

NOTE: Please ensure that the resolution setting of the second monitor is set to the manufacturer's recommended value.

Launch Manager

Launch Manager Acer 4315

Launch Manager allows you to set the four easy-launch buttons located above the keyboard. You can access the Launch Manager by clicking on Start > All Programs > Launch Manager to start the application.

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