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This diagnostic diskette is for the Acer TravelMate 530 series notebook machine. You can find the utility in Service CD kit. It provides the following functions:


BIOS Re-flash


Serial port, parallel port and FDD test




Thermal Test


Config Test


1394ID Check


Touchpad Test


VGA R.G.B. Mode Test


FAN Test


Keyboard Test

  1. 32bit Systemcard Test
  2. Audio Test
  3. Battery Charge Test

To use the diagnostic programs, and system utilities, first create a bootable diskette. Then copy the files under the following directory: Model1/field/files/Diagnostic Utility on this service CD. After you copy all files under the Diagnostic Utility folder, then boot the system from the diagnostic diskette you create. Important! 1.) Please insert this service CD as you use the diagnostic diskette. 2.) Please insert a music CD when you go through Audio Test. Play the music CD during the test to see if the speaker emits sounds or not.

NOTE: This program contains a readme.txt file. This readme.txt file will introduce each test utility and its functions.

IMPORTANT: 1The diagnostics program we use for TravelMate 530 series is not exactly the same as PQA (Product Quality Assurance), the diagnostic program we used to employ in other model. The system diagnostic utilities is provided by Acer Headquarters. You can utilize it as a basic diagnostic tool. To

1 New added description. Please pay attention to it.

get this program, find it in the TravelMate 530 series service CD kit. To better fit local service requirements, your regional office MAY have other diagnostic program. Please contact your regional offices or the responsible personnel/channel to provide you with further technical details.

NOTE: For ASSY Function Test Procedure, please prepare the following items for system components test: SIO/PIO loopback, diskette, mouse (PS/2), CD-Disk (Test Program), battery pack, SYS_card (Card Bus)X2, AC-adapter, keyboard, external speaker and feather.

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