Running Diagnostics Program

1. BIOS Re-flash

Insert CD-Disk and floppy disk then boot from floppy disk drive to BIOS re-flash.

FhcwiilxPhlesh Utility 4.8 Kb lease 1.72 (ci Crjjnjrlght l'J'J1-iloaB. ruoenlx Tcclino tonics Ltd., flit Hlglrts Heserued

Perron Inn the rail out no runction

V Loud In it In Heat Ion rile iFLflTFDHtl.Blfl 1 .hh) . Ilackup sys ten II103 ROM J Land D10S nan Inane rile (ALL.RQH)

  • 1 Identiry n«=h part - 3ST J
  • Flash KEKDrg black: 81Z

Restore block *,.

Erase block JVIJ

PmgrnR block J.H

UerlFy block JJ

Flash programing cOMplete hZ'r. Programed

  • HST "JJUFBie
  • n nsiiimiiiiiiisraiiiuimifii

2. Serial Port, Parallel Port and FDD Test

Insert SIO/PIO loopback to serial/parallel port. Place the diskette in the floppy diskette drive. Then run the test utility.

  • AP:00004(0800:03)
  • CGHPAL TSEL/F : sp . scy *<07| PARALLEL PORT

IM:3 Uers ion:1.65

  • esting LPT1 Internal Loopback:
  • kip Internal registers test?
  • esting patterns...FF FF Passed.
  • esting LPT1 External Interrupt... Passed.
  • esting LPT1 External Loopback...B0 IF 0F Passed.
  • esting C0M1 Internal Interrupt... Passed, 'esting C0M1 Internal Baud rate S Init... Passed, "esting C0M1 External Loopback .. FF FF Passed, 'esting C0M1 Modem Control reg ister...F0 F0 Passed.
  • 101 FLGPPV DISK ►-
  • esting Driuer A: [1.44 MByte (Cyl:B0, Head:2, Sec:18)l... 'esting DMA transfer... Passed.
  • esting Seq. seek/uerify. . . Head: 01, Track: 79... Passed, 'esting Fun. seek/verify... Head: 00, Track: 40...

3. CMOS RTC and FDD Test

Insert the diskette to the floppy disk drive for test.

OS TIME = 17:06:17.13(6157713), CMOS TIME = 17:06:17(6157700) OS DATE: 0Z/14/Z00Z, CMOS DOTE: 0Z/14/Z00Z OTE S TIME test Passed.

D K0I1 Drive E:, MSCDEX uer.: Z.Z5, Driver name: CDR0M1 , otal Z64496 sectors(Z35Z bytes/sector) = 6ZZ09459Z bytes


esting for DATA CD:

esting CD ROM reset function...Passed.

esting seq. read... sector: Z43Z95C Z4)

esting fun. read... sector: 116359( Z3) Passed.


D KOI Drive E:, MSCDEX uer.: Z.Z5, Driver name: CDR0M1 , otal Z64496 sectors(Z35Z bytes/sector) = 6ZZ09459Z bytes


esting Eject/Close door: ject door Passed.

Thermal Test gilí T i me < mra/dd hh:mm:ssí 03x17 21:41:31

raote_Tenp.=59 [701 Loca1_Temp.=61 [653 03/17 21:41:31 mote_Temp.=59 [70]Local_Ienp.=61 C653 03/17 21 41 32 raote_Tenp.=59 [701 Loca1_Temp.=61 [653 03x17 21:41:33

PftSS T PftSS T •».DOS TES T1». THERMAL >pause ess any key to continué


5. Config Test

6. 1394 ID Check

If you need to confirm whether the 1394GUID serial number has been input or not, you can run this utility. Press^^then Y key to next test.

7. Touchpad Test

After you run the utility, please point and move your finger on the touchpad. Then see if the movement of the cursor can reach to left top (X=0, Y=0). Press the right and left button then continue next test.

FATMOUSE test version 1.08 **

'lease check for mouse action & 'est end coordinate X=0 V=0 and

status push left and right


Coord inate


X V 0 0

  • DOSTEST>pause
  • ress any key to continue . . .
  • est ouer, no errors found

Left R: 1

ight e

Inspects red, green and blue color of display quality. Press any key to continue next test.

9. FAN Test

Check if the fan has turned on or not. You can confirm the function by a feather.

Fuck The Fallen

10. Keyboard Test

Press all keys according to this order--from left to right and from up to down to test each key's function. If pass then press + Break to continue the next test.

11. 32bit Systemcard Test

Insert two pieces of Syscard (Card bus) into PCMCIA slots for test.

PCCtest 450/460 CardBus test software



DZ 0Z6933 on Bus 0, Function 0, Deuice

4, Controller 1

Current Slot = 0 FCI Bus = Z Scratch Buffer = 3258:0000

CardBus Socket Begisters = 000DZ000

Test Memory Hindou = 000D0000 CBus =


Checking Socket Controller


Power on delay (Ucc = 3.3 uolt)


Basic Operational lest


Data Pattern Test


Parity Error Test (CPEBBtt)


Parity Test (CPAB)


CSEBRtt Test


llcc Test


Speaker Test




CINTtt Test


CBSTtt Test




Slave Abort (CST0PH) Test


PCCtest model number 460 - Version 1


Configuring PCCtest Master Mode (MZ).


laster Mode Bead Test


laster Mode llrite Test


Test completed with 0 errors - PASSED

Test the left channel first. After you hear a sound press^^ to test the right channel.

ALC101/200/201/201A/202A/650/202/ALC100 (Audio OK ?) Autest Program

. Play a uaue file (48k sampling rate/16-bits stereo file) Vou must hear some music. Ves/No ? Press ' SJ or any Key to stop playing a uaue file Press JPJ Key to pause playing and any key to go on Press JFJ key (If the function is failed) Playing properly finish f Test Primary Codec Reset(Cold/Uarm/Register) :

Codec Reset Test Success? Test Codec Register Defau 11(Primary) Codec Register Default Test Success?

  • Test Codec Register R/UiPrimary) : Codec Register R/U Test Success? Test Codec Complete Power Down(Primary) :
  • F10 ] to EXIT

Copyright(C) 2002, Realtek Semiconductor CO. Ltd

13. Battery Charge Test

Plug in AC adapter to the system for test.

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