Table of Contents

Chapter 1 System Introductions 1

Basic Operation 4

Indicators 4

Keyboard 5

Special Keys 5

Keyboard Ergonomics 10

Touchpad 11

Hardware Configuration and Specification 13

Processor 15

Power Management 26

Power Management Modes 26

Advanced Power Management 29

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface 29

Chapter 2 Software Utilities 31

BIOS Setup Utility 31

System Information 32

Basic System Configuration 33

Startup Configuration 34

Onboard Devices Configuration 35

System Security 37

Power Management 40

Load Default Settings 41

AFlash Utility 42

Executing AFlash 42

Quick Way to Execute AFlash 43

System Utility Diskette 44

Set LCD Panel ID 44

Set Thermal Sensor Threshold 45

System Diagnostic Diskette 46

Running PQA Diagnostics Program 47

Chapter 3 Removal and Replacement 51

General Information 52

Before You Begin 52

Connector Types 52

Disassembly Procedure Flowchart 53

Removing the Battery Pack 55

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

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