Table of Contents

Removing the DIMM 55

Removing the Modem Board 56

Removing the Keyboard 57

Removing the LCD Module 59

Disassembling the LCD 61

Disassembling the Main Unit 64

Removing the Heat Sink and CPU EMI Shield. . . . 64

Removing the Hard Disk Drive 65

Removing the Upper Case 65

Removing the Touchpad 66

Disassembling the Lower Case 68

Removing the CD-ROM/ Diskette Drive Module . . 69

Removing the Speakers 71

Removing the DC-DC/ Charger Board 72

Removing the FIR module 74

Removing the System Board 75

Removing the PCMCIA Card 76

Chapter 4 Troubleshooting 79

System Check Procedures 80

Diskette Drive Check 80

CD-ROM Drive Check 80

Keyboard or Auxiliary Input Device Check 81

Memory Check 81

Power System Check 81

Touchpad Check 83

Error Symptom-to-FRU Index 84

Intermittent Problems 92

Undetermined Problems 92

Chapter 5 Jumper and Connector Information 95

Bottom View 97

Chapter 6 FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) List 99

Exploded Diagram 115

Table of Contents Appendix A Model Number and Configurations117 Appendix B Test Compatible Components List 119 Appendix C Online Support Information 125

Index 127

Chapter 1

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