System Information

The System Information screen displays a summary of your computer hardware information.

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CPU Type & Speed-------------

------------ [Pentium II 300 Mhz]

Floppy Disk Drive----------------

-------------[1.44 MB 3.5-Inch]

Hani Disk (MB)------------------

------------ [3250 MB]

HDD Serial Number--------------

----------- poooooooooooooooooooq

System with----------------------

----------- [CD-ROM Attached]

System BIOS Version------------

------------ [V1.0 R01-A1]

VGA BIOS Version---------------

------------[V1.0 R01-A1]

Serial Number--------------------

Asset Tag Number---------------

------------ txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi

Product Name--------------------


Manufacturer Name--------------




T4- = Move highlight bar, <—*

= Change setting, F1 = Help

The following table describes the parameters in this screen. Settings in boldface are the default and suggested parameter settings.




Describes the type of CPU installed in the system.

Floppy Disk Drive

Shows the floppy disk drive type (1.44MB 3.5-inch).

Hard Disk (MB)

Shows the capacity of the hard disk

HDD Serial Number

Shows the hard disk drive serial number.

System with

Shows the high-capacity disc drive installed. Options: CD ROM, or DVD ROM.

System BIOS Version

Shows the system BIOS version.

VGA BIOS Version

Shows the video graphics accelerator BIOS version.

Serial Number

Shows the serial number of the system.

Asset Tag Number

Shows the asset tag number.

Product Name

Shows the official name of the product.



Manufacturer Name

Shows the name of the manufacturer.


Shows the universally unique identifier number.

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