Startup Configuration

The Startup Configuration screen contains parameters that are related to computer startup.

Startup Configuration

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Hotkey Beep------------------

  • AUTO]
  • Disabled]
  • Enabled]

PnPOS --------------------

  • Disabled]
  • Enabled]
  • Enabled]


  • CD-ROM]
  • Floppy Disk]
  • Hard Disk]

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The following table describes the parameters in this screen. Settings in boldface are the default and suggested parameter settings.



Boot Display

Sets the display on boot-up.

When set to Auto, the computer automatically determines the display device. If an external display device (e.g., monitor) is connected, it becomes the boot display; otherwise, the computer LCD is the boot display. When set to Both, the computer outputs to both the computer LCD and an external display device if one is connected. Options: Auto or Both

USB Function Support

Enables or disables the USB (Universal Serial Bus) function. Options: Disabled or Enabled

Hotkey Beep

When enabled, the computer gives off a beep when a hotkey (key combination is pressed). See "The Euro Symbol" for details on hotkeys. Options: Enabled or Disabled

ACPI OS Fast Boot

When set to enabled, the Quiet Boot and the PnP OS is disabled or inactive. Options: Enabled or Disabled

Quiet Boot

When set to enabled, the system will boot to the OS as fast as possible and proceed quickly through POST. This mode will not show any boot progression messages, nor will it perform any memory and diagnostic test. Options: Enabled or Disabled




Set it to Enabled if the computer works on Win95, Win98, or Win NT 5.0. For any other OS, set it to Disabled. Options: Enabled or Disabled

Boot Drive Sequence

Allows you to set the sequence wherein the computer will boot 1st, 2nd, and so on. Below are possible boot devices.

Boot from CD-ROM or DVDROM

Enables boot-up from the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, if selected as the first option. The computer attempts to boot from the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive (looks for a bootable CD-ROM) before following the boot sequence specified in the Boot Drive Sequence.


Enables boot-up from the floppy disk drive, if selected as the first option. The computer attempts to boot from the floppy disk drive (look for a bootable floppy) before following the boot sequence specified inthe Boot Drive Sequence.

Hard Disk

Enables boot-up from the hard disk drive.

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