Set LCD Panel ID

There is an EEPROM in the inverter which stores its supported LCD type ID code. If you replace an LCD with one of a different brand or use a new inverter, the ID information in the inverter EEPROM should be updated.

Follow the steps below to see the LCD Panel ID:

1. Follow the instructions on-screen to read current or to set new LCD Panel ID code.

Note: When you set a new LCD Panel ID and the new LCD is not yet enabled (to function), connect an external CRT to see the program execution process.

Note: Make sure the new ID code you choose corresponds with the

LCD brand and type. If you write a wrong ID into the inverter, just reboot and re-execute the program and input the correct ID code.

2. Restart the computer - the new LCD should work normally.

Note: If LCD cannot display after changing the ID code, make sure you select the correct ID code, or try reconnecting the LCD FPC cable connectors.

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