Executing AFlash

Follow these steps to execute AFlash:

  1. Copy the MSG.DAT and AFLASH.EXE files from the system utilities diskette into the subdirectory of your choice.
  2. From that subdirectory, type: aflash Enter
  3. A help message appears. Press any key to continue.
  4. The main menu appears. Use the t or I key to highlight the options. Press Enter to select.
  5. If you want to save a copy of the current BIOS into a file, select Save BIOS to Disk File.
  6. Select Load BIOS File to load the BIOS file into memory.
  7. Select Program Flash Memory to erase the current BIOS, and program Flash ROM.

Note: Never turn off the system power while Flash BIOS is programming. This will destroy the BIOS.

8. Reboot the system.

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