Acer Uuid Number

It stands for " Universally Unique IDentifiers", also known as GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier). The requirement specification of SMBIOS 2.1 (System Management BIOS). UUID are fixed-size 128-bit value and are unique across both space and time. The currently-used algorithm that was created by the OSF (Open Software Foundation) from a combination of a timestamp, physical Ethernet address, and a sequence number to generate the unique ID number until the year A.D. 3400. Without a network card machine, a different method is used to generate that part of the GUID. It differs from Intel number which identifies a computer, but UUID number can identify a person and even confidential documents user created.

To automatically generate a UUID, please refer to "System Utility Diskette" in chapter 2 for more information .

NOTE: The "Serial Number", "Asset Tag Number", "Product Name", "Manufacture Name" and "UUID" are located in the LCD inverter.

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