Table of Contents

Chapter 1 System Specifications 1

Features 1

Keyboard 3

Keyboard Ergonomics 6

Touchpad 6

System Block Diagram 8

Board Layout 9

Top View 9

Bottom View 10

Panels 11

Front Panel 11

Rear Panel 12

Right Panel 13

Indicators 14

Hardware Specifications and Configurations 15

Chapter 2 System Utilities 27

BIOS Setup Utility 27

System Information 28

Basic System Configuration 30

Startup Configuration 31

Onboard Device Configuration 32

System Security 33

Load Default Settings 35

AFlash Utility 36

Executing AFlash 36

System Utility Diskette 37

Panel ID Utility 37

Thermal and Fan Utility 37

Main Board Data Utility 37

System Diagnostic Diskette 38

Running PQA Diagnostics Program 38

Chapter 3 Machine Disassembly and Replacement 41

General Information 42

Before You Begin 42

Connector Types 42

Disassembly Procedure Flowchart 43

Removing the Battery Pack 45

Removing the DIMM 45

Removing the Modem Board 45

Removing the Keyboard 46

Removing the LCD Module 47

Disassembling the LCD 48

Disassembling the Main Unit 50

Removing the Heatsink and CPU EMI Shield 50

Removing the Hard Disk Drive 50

Removing Upper Case 51

Removing the Floppy Disk Drive/CD-ROM Drive Combo Module 51

Removing the Speakers 52

Removing the Audio I/O and Battery Connection Board 53

Removing the Fan 53

Removing the Mainboard 53

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