Setting a password

Follow these steps:

1. Use the T and l keys to highlight a password parameter (Setup, Power-on, or Hard Disk) and press the Enter key. The password box appears:

2. Type a password. The password may consist of up to eight alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9).

IMPORTANT:Be very careful when typing your password because the characters do not appear on the screen.

3. Press Enter. The retype password box appears.

4. Retype the password to verify your first entry and press Enter.

After setting the password, the computer automatically sets the chosen password parameter to Present.

  1. Press Esc to return to the main menu.
  2. Press Esc. The following dialog box appears.

Settings have been changed. Do you want to save CMOS settings?

7. Select Yes and press Enter to save the password and exit the BIOS Setup Utility.

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