Machine Disassembly and Replacement 41

Battery Pack 45 CD-ROM Drive 56 DIMM 45

Floppy Disk Drive 56 General Information 42 Hard Disk Drive Module 55 Keyboard 46 LCD 48

LCD Module 47 Main Unit 50 Audio I/O Board 53 Battery Connection Board 53 CD-ROM Drive 51

CPU EMI Shield 50 Fan 53

Floppy Disk Drive 51 Hard Disk Drive 50 Heatsink 50 Mainboard 53 PCMCIA Card 54 Speakers 52 Touchpad Module 54 Upper Case 51 Modem Board 45

Mainboard Data Utility 37

Mechanical Specifications 24

media access on indicator 14

Memory 90

Memory Address Map 25

Memory Check 59

Memory Combinations 16

Microsoft Windows 98 ACPI Environment Test 90

Model Number Definitions 87

Modem Adapter 91

MODEM Interface 16

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