Recovering BIOS

If BIOS flash fails in your system, perform a BIOS recovery procedure by using the crisis recovery diskette. During this procedure, the system will force BIOS to load and execute a special BIOS block (also called boot block) to restore the BIOS code from the crisis recovery diskette.

Note the following when restoring the BIOS settings:

□ Use the Fn+Esc hotkey to enable BIOS recovery during BIOS POST.

IMPORTANT:When using the Fn+Esc hotkey to enable BIOS recovery, we strongly recommend the following:

  • Make sure the battery pack is installed to the system.
  • Make sure the adapter is connected to the system and plugged into a wall outlet.
  • A crisis recovery diskette should be prepared in Windows XP.

To restore BIOS by using a crisis disk:

  1. Power off the system.
  2. Connect a USB floppy drive to the system.
  3. Insert the Crisis Disk to the floppy drive.
  4. Press and hold Fn+ESC keys, then press power button.

The system initializes the BIOS recovery process. The boot block BIOS starts to restore the failed BIOS code from the crisis recovery diskette. Once the process is completed, the system will restart.

After a successful BIOS recovery procedure, RD/CSD can update the BIOS by regular BIOS flashing procedure.

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