Clearing BIOS password

If a BIOS Password (supervisor password and user password) is set for security reason, BIOS will check the password during POST or when entering the BIOS setup screen. However, if it is necessary to ignore the password check, a jumper shorting procedure must be performed on the gap.

To clear the BIOS password:

Note: Procedure below is used for clearing supervisor password and user password only.

  1. Power off the system.
  2. Unplug the power cable.
  3. Remove the battery pack. See page 51.
  4. Remove the lower cover. See page 53.
  5. If necessary, remove the memory module. See page 53.
  6. See illustration below to locate the hardware gap.
Aspire 4320 Cmos Battery Remove

Hardware gap

Default Setting

Operation Description


Open (Normal)

Short (To clear Supervisor and User password)

RD/CSD can enable or disable this function by jumper shorting the G86 gap.

  1. Using a eletrical conductivity tool short the two contacts on the hardware gap together. Refer to the gap setting on page 112.
  2. While resting the tool on the two contacts, plug the adapter back in, then turn on the system.
  3. After BIOS POST takes place, remove the tool from the switch.
  4. Reinstall the memory modules and lower cover.
  5. Turn on the system and press F2 during the bootup to enter the BIOS setup screen. Repeat above procedure if the BIOS password is not cleared.

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