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This diagnostic diskette is for the Acer TravelMate 430 series notebook machine. You can find the utility in Service CD kit. It provides the following functions:


RTC Function Test


PIO Loop Back Test


CD ROM Function Test


Touchpad and USB Mouse Test


Video Model (R.G.B.) Test


Internal Keyboard Test


Num/Caps/Scroll Key Lock Test


Battery (Charge/Discharge) Test


Audio Test


Audio CD Play Function Test

  1. Lid Switch Function Test
  2. Easy Button Function Test
  3. FAN Test
  4. CRT Output Function Test

To use the diagnostic programs, and system utilities, please boot the system from this service CD. The diagnostic programs contain autorun function under DOS. Please select the item you want to test under DOS mode according to the menu.

IMPORTANT: 1The diagnostics program we use for TravelMate 430 series is not exactly the same as PQA (Product Quality Assurance), the diagnostic program we used to employ in other model. The system diagnostic utilities is provided by Acer Headquarters. You can utilize it as a basic diagnostic tool. To get this program, find it in the TravelMate 430 series service CD kit. To better fit local service

1 New added description. Please pay attention to it.

requirements, your regional office MAY have other diagnostic program. Please contact your regional offices or the responsible personnel/channel to provide you with further technical details.

NOTE: For ASSY Function Test Procedure, please prepare the following items for system components test: PC (with FIR port), 1394 HDD, PS2 mouse, PS2 Ext-KB, CRT monitor, USB mouse, CD-ROM, DVDROM disc (with data and audio track), external speaker, internal CD-ROM module, internal DVD-ROM module, SD card, MS card, AC adapter (90W), TV.

NOTE: As running the testing utility, please do use the right AC adapter (90W, 19V/4740mA). If you use AC adapter lower than 90W, it will damage notebook computer power circuit material.

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