10. Audio CD Play Function Test

Put a music compact disc in CD-ROM drive. Click "Play" button that display on the LCD/or external CRT monitor to play the music disc. Then click on other function keys to test its functions. Click on "QUIT" to exit the testing.

11. Lid Switch Function Test

Please use the utility to test the Lid Switch Functioin.

Close the LCD to press "Lid switch" for testing. Then check if the LCD backlight is on or off.

Lid Suspend Function test

Please ui I I LCD Module Lock .Test CLCD backlight) Press any key to continue .

12. Easy Button Function Test

Please press the launch keys and audio controls respectively to see if they work normally. Launch keys locate on the middle cover; audio controls locate on the front panel. Once you press any launch key or audio control, the button displaying on the LCD/CRT monitor will disappear at the same time.

NOTE: Please also note the FIR LED colors. It emits orange for Wireless mode; green for bluetooth mode. If FIR LED does not light up, it means there is no wireless function.

13. FAN Test

Run FAN test program to check if fan wire and fan function works normally.

Fain lest Progran U1.5 2001/10/22 **** Fan lest .. Hait 3 Sec

14. CRT Output Function Test

Run CRT output fucntion test to see if CRT displays well. Please plug in CRT cable to monitor connectorFAN test program to check if fan wire and fan function works normally. Press "Fn+F5" to switch to CRT monitor and LCD. This utility mainly checks if you can be switch to LCD and CRT monitor on this notebook computer.

'Lease press [Fn]+[F5] Key test it 'ress any key to continue . . .

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