Undetermined Problems

The diagnostic problems does not identify which adapter or device failed, which installed devices are incorrect, whether a short circuit is suspected, or whether the system is inoperative.

Follow these procedures to isolate the failing FRU (do not isolate non-defective FRU).

NOTE: Verify that all attached devices are supported by the computer.

NOTE: Verify that the power supply being used at the time of the failure is operating correctly. (See "Power System Check" on page 95):

  1. Power-off the computer.
  2. Visually check them for damage. If any problems are found, replace the FRU.
  3. Remove or disconnect all of the following devices:
  • Non-Acer devices
  • Printer, mouse, and other external devices
  • Battery pack
  • Hard disk drive

□ PC Cards

  1. Power-on the computer.
  2. Determine if the problem has changed.
  3. If the problem does not recur, reconnect the removed devices one at a time until you find the failing FRU.
  4. If the problem remains, replace the following FRU one at a time. Do not replace a non-defective FRU:
  • System board
  • LCD assembly

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