Set Supervisor User Password

If password on boot is required, the password must be set otherwise it cannot be enabled. The formats of the password are as follows: Length No more than 8 characters

Characters 0-9,A-Z (not case sensitive)

While these fields are highlighted and press "Enter", a window similar to the following is shown:

Set SupervisorPassword Enter New Password [ ]

Confirm New Password [ ]

If there is an old password then setup will prompt with the following window instead and a current password will be required to be entered at first:

Set Supervisor Password

Enter current password



Enter New Password



Confirm New Password



User can now type password in field "Enter New Password", and re-enter password in field "Confirm New Password" for verification.

If the verification is OK:

The password setting is complete after user presses enter. Setup Notice

Changes have been saved. [ continue]

If the current password entered does not match the actual current password: Setup Warning Invalid password Re-enter Password [ continue]

If the new password and confirm new password strings do not match: Setup Warning Password do not match Re-enter Password

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