Acer Grid Vistadualdisplay compatible

To enable the dual momtffljSatiire of your notebook, firstHSS|t nCOmOgpQQQii^DjBfflim^^ted, then, SetsyKgSt, Control Panel, Display and click on SettinRJ) elect the secondary monitor (2) icon in the display box and then click the check box Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor. Finally, click Apply to confirm the new settingEXgenQgQ^iWinROWSndeSke^

Themes Desktop Screen 5aver !; Appearance | Settings

Drag the monitor icons to match the physical arrangement of your monitors.

Themes Desktop Screen 5aver !; Appearance | Settings

Drag the monitor icons to match the physical arrangement of your monitors.


12. (Multiple Monitors) on v|


12. (Multiple Monitors) on v|

Screen resolution

Less ^ More

1280 by 1024 pixels

Color quality

Highest (32 bit)

1 H H ■

[PI Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor.|

Identify ] [ Troubleshoot... ] [ Advanced ]

  • OK | | Cancel | ipply
  • OK | | Cancel | ipply

Acer GridVista is a handy utility that offers four pre-defined display settings so you can view multiple windows on the same screen. To access this function, please go to Start, All Programs and click on Acer GridVista. You may choose any one of the four display settings indicated below:

Double(vertical), Triple(primary at left), Triple(primary at right), or Quad Acer Gridvista is dual-display compatible, allowing two displays to be partitioned independently.

Set up Procedure

  1. Run Acer GridVista and select your preferred screen configuration for each display from the taskbar.
  2. Drag and drop each window into the appropriate grid.
  3. Enjoy the convenience of a well-organized desktop.

NOTE: The system utilities work under Microsoft Windows XP only.

Launch Manager

Launch Manager Acer 4315

Launch Manager allows you to set the four easy-launch buttons located above rhw keyboard. You can access the Launch Manager by click]BaE|EECn!H]EE then Launch Manager to start the application.

Norton AntinjJjySs

Norton Antivirus is an anti-virus software that finds and repairs infected files, and protects against viruses to keep your computer data safe and secure.

How do I check for viruses?

A Full System Scan scans all files on your computer. To perform a system scan:

1. Start Norton Antivirus.

Double click on the Norton AntiVirus icon on the desktop or click on the Start menu in the Windows taskbar, highlight Programs, and selesI!]2fl[AfflVjniVirus.

2. In the Norton AgjrHBnHBVgS/ indow, click Scan for VirusHS

  1. In the Scan for VirusEElEEmjVIanaH Scan My CsTyJJmyîn
  2. Under Actions, click AwOn
  3. When the scan is complete, a scan summary appears. Click Finished!

You can schedule customized virus scans that run unattended on specific dates and times or at periodic intervals. If you are using the computer when the scheduled scan begins, it runs in the background so that you do not have to stop working.

For more information refer to the Norton Antivirus Help menu.

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