This menu allows the user to decide the order of boot devices to load the operating system. Bootable devices includes the diskette drive in module bay, the onboard hard disk drive and the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM in module bay.

PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility

^Information! Main Advanced Security

1 Boot 1


Item Specific Help

+Hard Drive

+Removable Devices

Use <t > or <i > to

CD-ROM Drive

select a device, then

Network Boot

press <F6> to move it

up the list, or <F5>

move it down the list.

Press <Esc> to escape

the menu

F1 Help

t 4 Select Item

F5/F6 Change Values

F9 Setup Defaults

Esc Exit

^ ■ Select Menu

Ente Select ► Sub-Menu

F10 Save and Exit

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