System Information

The System Information sub-menu displays basic and important information about your computer.

System Information

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CPU Type & Speed----------------

---------Pentium II300 Mhz

Floppy Disk Drive------------------

--------1.44MB 3.5-inch

Hart Disk Drive--------------------

--------4126 MB

HDD Serial Number---------------

------- YD2YDLA5782

System with------------------------


System BIOS Version-------------

--------V3.0 R01-A1a

VGA BIOS Version-----------------


Serial Number---------------------

Asset Tag Number-----------------

Product Name---------------------

Manufacturer Name---------------


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The following table describes the information in this sub-menu.

Note: "x" may refer to a series of numbers and/or characters or a




CPU Type & Speed

Shows the type and speed in Megahertz (MHz) of the Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Floppy Disk Drive

Shows the floppy disk drive type

Hard Disk Drive

Shows the size or capacity of the hard disk

HDD Serial Number

Shows the serial number of the hard disk

System with

Shows the AcerMedia Drive type, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM

System BIOS Version

Shows the version number of the BIOS.

Vx Rx (version and release numbers)

VGA BIOS Version

Shows the version number of the VGA display BIOS.

Vx Rx (version and release numbers)

Serial Number

Shows the serial number of the computer.

Asset Tag Number

Shows the asset number of the computer.

Product Name

Shows the product name of the computer.

Manufacturer Name

Shows the manufacturer of the computer.


Shows the universally unique identifier of your computer.

The items in this sub-menu are important and vital information about your computer. If you experience computer problems and need to contact technical support, this data helps our service personnel know more about your computer.

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