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This diagnostic diskette is for the Acer TravelMate 330 notebook machine. It provides the following functions:

  1. PQA System Diagnostics
  2. Audio Resource and Speaker Out Test
  3. Scroll Button Test
  4. Infrared Ray Test

Note: The Infrared Ray setting in BIOS Setup must be set to enable when executing the Infrared Ray Test.

5. USB Register and Connect/Disconnect Test

Note: The USB setting in BIOS Setup must be set to enable and a USB device is required when executing USB Connection/ Disconnection Test, or this test fails.

To use this diskette, first boot from this diskette, then a "Microsoft Windows

98 Startup Menu" prompts you to choose the testing item. Follow the instructions on screen to proceed.

Important: If this diskette is not bootable, do the following actions before you use it:

  1. Do system transfers.
  2. Copy the following files to A:\ HIMEM.SYS EMM386.EXE MSCDEX.EXE CHOICE.COM RAMDRIVE.SYS

Note: When executing a parallel or serial port test in System Test item, a loopback tool is needed. This loopback is Acer proprietary design. You may reach the [email protected] for ordering information.

Running PQA Diagnostics Program.

Press /' to move around the main menu. Press Enter to enable the selected option. The main options are Diag, Result, Syslnfo, Option and Exit.

The Diag option lets you select testing items and times.

The following screen appears when you select Diag from the main menu.

One Test performs a single test and Manual checks the selected test items in sequence.

Multi Test performs multiple tests of the selected items and check the select test items in sequence.

Full Test performs all test items detail for your system. Quick Test performs all test items quickly for your system.

Note: PCMCIA Diagnostic Supports Manual test only. Do not select PCMCIA Diagnostic in Auto Test.

Specify the desired number of tests and press Enter.

After you specify the number of tests to perform, the screen shows a list of test items (see below).


Vx x xx-xx-xx L

_ f

Test Items [] System Board [ ] Memory [ ] Keyboard [ ] Video [ ] Parallel Port [ ] Serial Port [ ] Diskette Drive [ ] Hard Disk [ ] CD-ROM [ ] Coprocessor [ ] Pointing Dev. [ ] Cache

SPACE: mark/unmark selecting item ESC : return to upper menu

F2 : test the marked item(s) ENTER: open subitem's menu Test Times = 1

Move the highlight bar from one item to another. Press Space to enable or disable the item. Press Enter to view the available options of each selected item. Press Esc to close the submenu.

The right corner screen information gives you the available function keys and the specified test number.

  • Space: Enables/disables the item
  • ESC: Exits the program
  • F1: Help
  • F2: Tests the selected item(s)
  • Enter: Opens the available options
  • Test Times: Indicates the number of tests to perform.

Note: The F1 and F2 keys function only after you finish configuring the Test option.

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