Navigating the BIOS Utility

There are five menu options: Main, Advanced, Security, Boot and Exit. Follow these instructions:

  • To choose a menu, use the cursor left/right keys (gg).
  • To choose a parameter, use the cursor up/down keys ( QQ).
  • To change the value of a parameter, press p or Q.
  • Press ^^ while you are in any of the menu options to go to the Exit menu.
  • In any menu, you can load default settings by pressing g. You can also press g to save any changes made and exit the BIOS Setup Utility.

NOTE: You can change the value of a parameter if it is enclosed in square brackets. Navigation keys for a particular menu are shown on the bottom of the screen. Help for parameters are found in the Item Specific Help part of the screen. Read this carefully when making changes to parameter values.


This menu provides you the information of the system.



System BIOS Version

Displays system BIOS version

VGA BIOS Version

Displays VGA BIOS version

Serial #

Displays the serial number of the unit.

UUID Number

UUID=16bytes. This will be visible only when there is an internal LAN device present.

System Memory

This field reports the memory size of system base memory. The size is fixed to 640KB.

Extended Memory

This field reports the memory size of the extended memory in the system. Extended Memory size=Total memory size

CPU Speed

CPU Speed= Max speed

System Time and System Date

Sets the system time and date.

Quiet Boot Mode

Control whether Customer Logo and Summary Screen are displayed or not.


Enabled: LCD brightness will automatically lower to save more power when AC is not present.

Disabled: LCD brightness will NOT automatically lower to save more power when AC is not present.

PXE Boot from LAN

Enables "PXE Boot from LAN" function at DOS.

F12 Boot Menu

This field decides whether the OEM POST screen will have the following message: "Press <F12> Change Boot Device" or not during user's quiet boot.

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