Changing a Password

1. Use the Q and Q keys to highlight the Set Supervisor Password parameter and press the key. The Set Password box appears:

Set Supervisor Password

Enter current p as swo rd [


Enter New Password [


Confirm New Password [


  1. Type the current password in the Enter Current Password field and press .
  2. Type a password in the Enter New Password field. Retype the password in the Confirm New Password field.
  3. Press . After setting the password, the computer sets the User Password parameter to "Set".
  4. If desired, you can enable the Password on boot parameter.
  5. When you are done, press g to save the changes and exit the BIOS Setup Utility.

If the verification is OK, the screen will display as following. The password setting is complete after the user presses g.

If the current password entered does not match the actual current password, the screen will show you the Setup Warning.

If the new password and confirm new password strings do not match, the screen will display the following message.

Setup Warning Password do not match Re-enter Password


This menu allows the user to decide the order of boot devices to load the operating system. Bootable devices includes the distette drive in module bay, the onboard hard disk drive and the CD-ROM in module bay.

PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility

| Information Main Security

1 Boot |

Item Specific Help

Boot priority order:

Keys used to view or configure





Network Boot: B02 D00 Yukon PXE

Use Up and Down arrows to



select a device.



<+> and <-> moves the device


USB Floppy:

up or down.



<f> and <r> specifies the


device fixed or removable.

Excluded from boot order:

<x> exclude or include the

device to boot.

<Shift +1> enables or disables

a device.

<1 - 4> Loads default boot


Help t i Select Item F5/F6 Change Values F9 Setup Defaults

Exit ^ Select Menu Ente Select 4 Sub-Menu F10 Save and Exit


The Exit screen contains parameters that help safeguard and protect your computer from unauthorized use.

PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility

Information! Main Advanced Security Boot


Information! Main Advanced Security Boot

Item Specific Help

Exit Disarding Changes

Exit System Setup and save

Load Setup Defaults

your changes to CMOS.

Discard Changes

Save Changes

EHelp ti Select Item F5/F6 Change Values F9 Setup Defaults

Exit ^ Select Menu Ente Select 4 Sub-Menu F10 Save and Exit

The table below describes the parameters in this screen.



Exit Saving Changes

Exit System Setup and save your changes to CMOS.

Exit Discarding Changes

Exit utility without saving setup data to CMOS.

Load Setup Default

Load default values for all SETUP item.

Discard Changes

Load previous values from CMOS for all SETUP items.

Save Changes

Save Setup Data to CMOS.

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