Removing the Wireless LAN Cardthe HDD Modulethe Memorythe ODD Module and the LCD Module

Removing the Memory and the HDD Module

  1. Remove the three screws fastening the HDD cover.
  2. Detach the HDD cover carefully.
  3. Disconnect the wireless antenna.
  4. Pop out the wireless LAN card then remove it. (Note: This engineering sample does not have wireless LAN card. Therefore, the image does not show wireless LAN antenna/wireless LAN card. Please refer to below section "How to Remove the Wireless LAN Card for more details).
  5. Remove four screws fastening the HDD module.
  6. Pull the HDD module backwards then detach it.
Travelmate 2410 Antenna

How to Remove the Wireless LAN Card

  1. Disconnect the main and the auxiliary antennae.
  2. Pop out the wireless LAN card then remove it.

Removing the Memory

  1. Remove the two screws fastening the DIMM cover.
  2. Then detach the DIMM cover.
  1. Pop out the memory.
  2. Remove the memory from the DIMM socket.
Odd Module

Removing the ODD Module

  1. Remove the screws fastening the ODD module as shown.
  2. Use a flat headed screwdriver to push the ODD module outwards then remove it.

Removing the LCD Module

  1. Open the notebook as the impage shows.
  2. Detach the middle cover carefully as shown.
  1. Remove the screw holding the keyboard.
  2. Turn over the keyboard as shown.
  3. Disconnect the keyboard cable then remove the keyboard.
  1. Pull out the wireless LAN antenna from the main unit as shown.
  2. Take out the LCD cable from the main unit then disconnect the cable.
  1. Remove two screws fastening the LCD module.
  2. Remove another two screws on the bottom as shown.
  3. Then detach the entire LCD module cautiously.

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