Secondary Master

The Secondary Master sub-menu contains parameters related to the Media bay drive.

CAUTION: The parameters in this screen are for the advanced users only. Typically, you do not need to change the values in this screen. The default setting of Auto optimizes all the settings for your Media bay drive.

PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility


Secondary Master


Item Specific Help

LBA Format Total Sectors: 39070080 Maximum Capacity: 20004MB

Multi-Sector Transfers: [16 Sectors] LBA Mode Control: [Enabled] 32 Bit I/O: [Disabled] Transfer Mode: [Fast PIO 4] Ultra DMA Mode: [Disabled]

User= you enter parameters of hard-disk drive installed at this connection. Auto: autotypes hard-disk drive installed here. CD-ROM= a CD-ROM drive is installed here. ATAPI Removable= removable disk drive is installed here.

F1 Help Select Item Esc Exit Select Menu

F5/F6 Change Values F9 Setup Defaults Enter Select > Sub-Menu F10 Save and Exit





The setting of detail functions stands on type. Help: Auto= Autotype Hard-Disk drive installed here

Auto/ CD-ROM/ ATAPI Removable/ User

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