Running PQA Diagnostics Program

To run the program, simply type: PQA and press ||enter| . The main menu appears on screen.

Press ¡2 / 0to move around the main menu. Press ||enter| to enable the selected option. The main options are Diag, Result, SysInfo, Option and Exit.

The Diag option lets you select testing items and times.

The following screen appears when you select Diag from the main menu.

One Test performs a single test and Manual checks the selected test items in sequence.

Multi Test performs multiple tests of the selected items and check the selected test items in sequence.

Full Test performs all test items in detail for your system.

Quick Test performs all test items quickly for your system.

The screen below appears if you select Multi Test.

PQA Vx_x xx-xx-xx

PQA Vx_x xx-xx-xx

TEST COUNT VALUE (1...9999) 1

Specify the desired number of tests and press ||enter| .

After you specify the number of tests to perform, the screen shows a list of test items (see below).


Vx_x xx-xx-xx L

Diaq HI

Sysinfofl Option fa Exit II

M/ Al hi

Test Items [ ] System Board [ ] Memory [ ] Keyboard [ ] Video [ ] Parallel Port [ ] Serial Port [ ] Diskette Drive [ ] Hard Disk [ ] CD-ROM [ ] Coprocessor [ ] Pointing Dev. [ ] Cache

SPACE: mark/unmark selecting item ESC : return to upper menu F1 : Help menu F2 : test the marked item(s) ENTER: open sub-item's menu Test Times = 1

Move the highlight bar fT] and fT] from one item to another. Press ||space| to enable or disable the item. The triangle mark indicates that there are available sub-options. Press ||enter| to view the available options of each selected item. Press ¡3 to close the submenu.

The right corner screen information gives you the available function keys and the specified test number.

  • space| : Enables/disables the item
  • esc| : Exits the program
  • ED : Help
  • 0: Tests the selected item(s)
  • enter| : Opens the available options
  • Test Times: Indicates the number of tests to perform.

NOTE: The ¡n] and 0 keys function only after you finish configuring the Test option.

NOTE: When any errors are detected by diagnostic program, refer to "Index of PQA Diagnostic Error Code" for troubleshooting.

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