This computer was designed with the user in mind. Here are just a few of its many features: Performance

  • Intel® Mobile Celeron Pentium® 4 series processors from 1.6G up tp 2.0G with 512KB cache (TravelMate 230)
  • Intel® Mobile Northwood Pentium® 4 series processors from 1.6G up tp 2.4G with 512KB cache (TravelMate 280)
  • 64-bit memory bus
  • Two 200-pin DDR-DRAM with each supporting 128MB/ 256MB/ 512MB, upgradable to the total maximum of 1024MB with SODIMM modules, supporting PC1600/2100 .
  • Built-in floppy diskette drive and Hard diskette drive
  • High-capacity, Enhanced-IDE hard disk
  • Simultaneous LCD and CRT display
  • Smart Lithium-Ion battery pack
  • Power management system with ACPI (Advanced Configuration Power Interface)
  • Plug and Play Feature
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