Advanced Information

The Advanced Information screen contains parameter values that define how your computer behaves on system startup.

PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility

Information Main Advanced Security Boot Exit

Legacy Diskette A:

>Primary Master >Secondary Master

>I/O Device Configuration >PCI IRQ Routing

Legacy USB Support:

System Boot From Hard Disk Recovery

Screen Expansion

IGD-Memory type

Battery Mode Performance

F1 Help ifr* Select Item F5/F6 Change Values F9 Setup Defaults Esc Exit Select Menu Enter Select > Sub-Menu F10 Save and Exit

The following table describes the parameters in this screen. Settings in boldface are the default and suggested parameter settings.

  • 1.44/1.25MB 3 /"
  • 20004MB] [CD-ROM]
  • Enabled] [Enable] [Enabled] [UMA=1MB] [Max Batt]

Item Specific Help

Selects floppy type. Note that 1.25MB 3 /" references a 1024 byte/ sector Japanese media format. The 1.25MB 3 /" diskette requires a 3-mode floppy-disk drive.




Legacy Diskette A

Help: Selects floppy type. Note that 1.25MB 3 1/2" references a 1024 byte/sector Japanese media format. The 1.25MB, 3 1/2" diskette requires a 3-Mode floppy-disk drive. Enable or Disable Legacy Diskette A


Primary Master

Show IDE Primary Master HDD size. User can enter submenu to set some detail functions

Auto or User or CD-ROM or ATAPI Removable

Secondary Master

Show IDE Secondary Master Device Status. User can enter submenu to set some detail functions.

Auto or User or CD-ROM or ATAPI Removable

I/O Device Configuration

Enter submenu to set onboard device configuration Help: Peripheral Configuration.

PCI IRQ Routing

Set Default IRQ of PCI device.

Help: Menu used to set IRQ for PCI Devices.

Auto/ User Select

Legacy USB Support

Enabled: Enable support for Legacy Universal Serial Bus.

Enabled or Disabled

System Boot from Hard Disk Recovery

Enable D2D function.

Enable or Disable

Screen Expansion

Help: Options: Enabled or Disabled

Enabled or Disabled

IGD-Memory Type

Select the amount of the main memory that the Internal Graphics Device will use. Let UMA= the amount of pre-allocated memory made available.


Battery Mode Performance

This item allows you to select the performance while battery mode.

Max Batt or Maximum Performance

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