Onboard Device Configuration

The parameters in this screen are for advanced users only. You do not need to change the values in this screen because these values are already optimized.

The Onboard Device Configuration screen assigns resources to basic computer communication hardware.

Onboard Device Configuration

The following table describes the parameters in this screen. Settings in boldface are the default and suggested parameter settings.




Serial Port

Enables or disables the serial port.

When enabled, you can set the base I/O address and interrupt request (IRQ) of the serial port.

Enabled or Disabled 3F8h, 2F8h, 3E8h or 2E8h 4 or 3

Parallel Port

Enables or disables the parallel port. When enabled, you can set the base I/O address, interrupt request (IRQ) and operation mode of the parallel port.

If operation mode is set to ECP, the direct memory access (DMA) channel of the parallel port is set to 1.

Enabled or Disabled 378h, 278h, or 3BCh 7 or 5

Bi-directional, EPP, ECP or Standard

0 0

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