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Lcd Monitor Repair Made Easy

Lcd Monitor Repair Made Easy consists of High Definition Step-By-Step instructional videos guiding you all the way from the very basics to the most advanced Lcd troubleshooting techniques. Complementary book full of instructions and illustrations with additional insight on Lcd monitor repair. Easy disassembling instructions for all Lcd monitor model types. Revealing the tricks and secrets of troubleshooting and fixing any Lcd monitor in a few minutes. Exactly where to get any part needed. cheaply. so more money goes into your pocket after each repair. Introduction to the principles of Electronics. Electronic testing devices digital multi meters, internal/external power supply, functions generators, Oscilloscope, Lcr Meter. Lcd monitor Parts Inverters, Vga Circuit, Power Supply Boards etc. Passive and Active Matrix Lcd Monitors, Lcd Screens. Advanced Fringe Field Switching, Multi domain vertical alignment, Patterned Vertical Alignment and Advanced Super View. Repairing stuck and dead pixels, rippling patterns, power supply issues, dead pixels, low quality images, horizontal or vertical solid lines. Repairing monitor flickering, wild patters, colored screen (green pink red), dimming side and operating system problems. Read more...

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Installing External VGA Monitor

External Display Vga Port Acer Laptop

The notebook is capable of driving both its internal LCD display and an external VGA monitor (LCD only, simultaneous, or VGA only). The external monitor connector pinouts and connector locations are shown in Figure 2-8. To install an external monitor with the notebook, use the following steps

Video Subsystem

The video subsystem, implemented on the Main Board and on the LCD Display Unit, displays text, graphics and drives an external VGA port. The video subsystem is implemented with a Chips and Technology high performance flat panel RT VGA controller and supporting logic and video RAM (1 MB).

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