HDD Password Removal SOP

Please follow the steps below to remove the HDD password. Step One Machine 1

1. Key in wrong HDD password three times and HDD password error code will come out.

Hdd Password Remover

Step Two Machine 2: Run HDD_PW.EXE

  1. Key in hdd_pw 15494 0
  2. Select 2 (upper case ASCII Code).
  3. Then choose one string.
  • C:\WI N DOWS\sy&tem3 2\cmd,exe
  • gt;cd password

F : Spas s wo r d >d i r Ai Uolume in drive F has no label. Un lune Serial Number is MF6-B23&

Directory of F:\password r.i E..j

  • 2 Fileis> 1- 2 Dir<s>
  • Vpas s wo rdfhdd.ww 1^494 Anlock6.exe vl .1 2 flay


35,354 bytes 487,895,04^ bytes free

Choice what kind of the password to be genereted:

Upper case ASCII Code 3.) Lower case ASGJLL Cods Bbtei; »our choice^2 ]2 UÎJFH42 w



Step Three Machine 1

Reboot system and key in 0KJFN42 or UVEIQ96 in the HDD user password column.

Scancode Asciicode
0 0

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