Installing Pcmcia Options

The Notebook has two connector slots for PCMCIA option cards. These two slots can be used to install one Type III or two Type I/II credit card size PCMCIA option cards. You can install a PCMCIA (PC card) without turning the computer off.

Use the following procedure to install a PCMCIA option:

  1. Review the installation instructions supplied with the PCMCIA option card(s).
  2. Hold the card at the end opposite the connector pins with the label side up. Insert the card into an unused slot on the left side of the Notebook.
  3. If the option requires external cabling (e.g., modem option), connect external cabling at this time.

Note: After installation of a PCMCIA option card, Windows 95 displays the New Hardware Found dialog box to help you configure the new device. To remove a card, click on the PCMCIA icon; then, press the appropriate PC Card Release lever (or press both levers for a Type III device) and remove the option.

Acer Remove Card From Card Slot
Figure 2-2 Installing PCMCIA Option Cards

Note: When installing a Zoomed Video option card, the card must be installed in the lower card slot (slot 0 or A). Other option cards can be installed in either card slot.

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