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When you are operating the computer on battery power and the charge remaining is down to between 10% and 20%, the battery-low indicator blinks and an audible alarm sounds. When this happens you should take the following actions to conserve battery power and reduce the possibility of data loss.

  • Saving files — Save all open files frequently while the computer is in a low-battery condition.
  • Turning off the alarm — Turn off the audible alarm by pressing Fn+End (Mute).
  • Reducing screen brightness — Reduce screen brightness by pressing Fn+i.
  • Connecting the AC adapter — If you have access to AC power, connect the computer to the AC adapter. You can do this without turning off the computer.
  • Suspending operations — Press Fn+F3 or Fn+F4 to put the computer into Suspend or Standby mode whenever you are not actively using the computer. Press the Shift key to bring the computer out of Suspend or Standby mode.

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