Series External Ports

The 65x Series notebook includes most of the ports defined for the 60x Series but also includes an Expansion Bus port for connection to an external Port Replicator and a Fast infrared (FIR) Port. The external ports for the 65x Series are shown in Figure 1-4 and described in Table 1-5.

Figure 1-4 65x Series External Ports

Table 1-5 65x Series External Ports

Port Assignment


External VGA Port

15-Pin Female connector used to attach an external SVGA monitor to the notebook.

Serial Port

9-Pin Male connector used to attach an RS-232 serial device to the notebook.

Parallel/Floppy Port

25-Pin Female connector used to attach a bidirectional printer or an external floppy disk drive (requires special cable for use with floppy disk drive).

PS/2® Port

6-Pin Circular connectors used to attach external keyboard/mouse devices to the notebook.

DC-IN Connector

Power in connector used to attach the output of the AC adapter to the notebook.

Fast Infrared Port

Fast Infrared Port (4 M/b) used for wireless communications between the notebook and an FIR-equipped device such as keyboard, another notebook, printer, etc.

Audio In/Out, Mic In Jacks

Provide for input of external sound source or audio output to drive external speakers

Expansion Bus

120-Pin PCI Bus that supports an external Port Replicator

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