Removing Replacing the Touchpad Assembly

Use the following procedure to remove/replace the Touchpad Assembly:

  1. Remove the Keyboard Assembly as described in Paragraph 6.5.4.
  2. Remove the Top Cover Assembly as described in Paragraph 6.5.11.
  3. Refer to Figure 6-28; remove the center screw and disconnect the Touchpad cable J1.
  4. Remove the Touchpad main sensor and connector unit.
  5. Remove the two side screws and remove the metal plate.
  6. Lift up and remove the Touchpad buttons.
  7. Lift up and remove the Touchpad.
  8. Replacement is essentially the reverse of Steps 1 through 7.

Remove 1 screw Remove two side screws and disconnect J1 and remove metal plate

Lift up and remove touchpad buttons

Lift up and remove Touchpad

Figure 6-28 Removing/Replacing the Touchpad Assembly

Caution: If the notebook is powered up with the LCD bezel removed, you can be exposed to high voltages which could result in shock and equipment damage. Ensure that the batteries and AC adapter are removed from the notebook when working on the LCD/Display assembly.

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